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2020 Virtual Show Schedule

Diary Dates
2020 Virtual Show Schedule

Class 1 Three Blooms Large and or medium exhibition, each bloom to be in a seperate vase (section 1 and or 2)
Class 2 One Bloom large and or medium exhibition (section 1 and or 2)
Class 3 Three blooms incurve large flowered No Entries
Class 4 Three blooms reflex large flowered(section 4a)
Class5 Three blooms intermediate large flowered (section 5a)
Class 6 Three blooms medium decorative one distinct cultivar
Class 7 Three blooms medium incurve (section 3b and/or 3c)
Class 8 Three blooms singles large flowered (section 7a)
Class 9 Three blooms single medium flowered (section 7b)
Class 10 Three blooms anemone centered chrysanthemums
Class 11 Three blooms fantasies (section 10) to be shown in seperate vases
Class 12 Two vases of three blooms two distinct cultivars any classification
Class13 A container, basket or bowl of flowers for effect
Class 14 A flowering pot plant (not previously shown at the early virtual show)
Class 15 A foliage pot plant (not previously shown at the early virtual show)

1. A maximum of 2 entries per class
2. All photo format to be emailed to darlingtoncandd@talktalk.net in jpeg format
3. Closing date for entries 12 noon Saturday 21st November 2020
4. Entries to be indentified by class number, variety, name and exhibitors name
5. Entries to be the property of the exhibitor
6. All enties to have been grown this year
7. No entry fee
8. No prize money or trophies
9. Judging to take place on Wedndesday 25th November 2020
10. Full show results will be available on the Society website www.dcds.org.uk from Saturday 28th November 2020
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