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Bank HolidayShow 2019


St. Cuthberts Church Hall, Darlington
Bank Holiday Monday August 26th 2019

A successful show was held at St Cutherts on Bank Holiday Monday. Despite the adverse weather conditions this year the show had a very good turn out with numbers increased on last years show

The show was well supported by competitors and the general pulbic who were able to pick up some exhibition flowers for their homes by giving a donation to the Club.

Our thanks to all who gave their support, the sponsors  and Committee Members who work tirelessly to make the event a huge success.

Raffle Results

Results below

Class 1

The Crown Galleries Trophy

Mr S L Salmon
B J Beauty & Cream Moonlight

Class 2

The Mrs E Husband Memorial Trophy

Mr S L Salmon
Whinholms Diane, Westerton Sunset, Kiwi Gloria

Also won
The A & W Trophy for Best Vase in Show
The Joan & Joe Kidd Memorial Vase for The Best 3 Stems of Flowers Across the Whole Show
The NDS Silver Medal for The Best Exhibit in Dahlias

Class 3

Kelvin Vincent

Three vases miniature
Jusudi Hercules, Western Pirate

Class 4

Ian Thompson

The NDS Bronze Medal
Second Best Exhibit in Dahlias

Two Vases
Claytons Candy, Ruskin Diane

Class 5

Ian Hill

Three blooms giant
Sir Alf Ramsey

Class 7

Gordon Hodgeson

Three blooms - Coral Jupiter

Class 8

Dorothy Rickaby

One giant or large cactus -
Debra Ann Craven

Class 10

Phil Goldsborough

One vase three blooms medium decorative - Westerton Harry

Class 11

Ian Thompson

One vase three blooms medium cactus or semi cactus Primrose Pastelle

Class 13

Geoff Waters

One vase three blooms small cactus - Trelyn Kiwi

Class 15

Ken Thorpe

One vase 3 blooms small or miniature ball
Blyton Softer Gleam

Class 16

Dorothy Rickaby

One vase 5 blooms Poms
Gurtla Twilight

Class 17

Phil Orley

Two vases Poms
Gilwood Violet , Irish Glow

Class 18

Dorothy Rickaby

One vase collerette - Christmas Carol

Class 21

Phil Orley

Container of flowers for effect

Class 22

Barrie Stainsby

Two Vases chrysanthemums
Yellow Billy Bell

Class 24

John Lawson

One vase large intermediate - Billy Bell

Class 26

Ian Thompson

One vase incurves - Max Riley

Class 27

Lohn Lawson

One vase medium intermediate - Judy Dakin

Class 28

Barrie Stainsby

One vase section 24b or 24c
Purple Chempak Rose

Class 29

Barrie Stainsby

One vase exhibition spray Chrysanths

Class 30

Neil Ferguson

One vase natural spray chrysanthemums
Enbee Wedding

Class 31

Barrie Stainsby

Two vases exhibition sprays - Natalie Sarah, Yellow Natalie Sarah

Classes 33

Kelvin Vincent
3 HT Roses - Selfridges

Class 34

Les Blades

1 HT rose

Class 36

Phil Orley

One vase Gladioli
Snow Owl , Singular Beauty

Class 42

C Daniels

Foliage pot plant

Other winners include

Class 6 - Ian Hill
class 9 - Dorothy Rickaby
Class 12 - Geoff Gardener
Class 14 - Andrew Cram
Class 19 - Gordon Hodgson
Class 20 - Phil Orley
Class 25 - Dave Gethin
Class 32 - Barrie Stainsby
Class 35 - Les Blades
Class 37 - Phil Orley
Class 38 - Dave Armstrong
Class 39 - Phil Orley
Class 40 - Dave Armstrong
Class 41 - Carolle Daniels

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