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Show Rules

Diary Dates


1. Exhibitors must complete and send the entry form provided to the show secretary. This must be received by him no later than the first post 6th September for the early show and Wednesday 8th November for the late show. Late entries on the day of the show will only be accepted in the none multi vase classes at a cost of 50pper entry, providing the exhibitor has already made entries in the section in which he wishes to make the late entry.

2. Entries for the Bank Holiday Show will be taken on the day

3. No person shall have more than one entry in a class, except where stated otherwise.

4. The committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits etc, but all due care will be taken of them.

5. Judges are not under obligation to consider exhibits that do not give the name of the cultivar, an error in naming should not in itself disqualify an exhibitor. Blooms arranged for effect need not be named.

6. Objections to an award must be made in writing to the Secretary and accompanied by a deposit of 25p not later than 2pm on the day of the show. An arbitration board consisting of members of the committee shall deal with any such objection. If the objection is found to be groundless, the deposit will be forfeited. The board’s decision will be final.

7. All exhibits to be staged by 10am on the morning of the show, unless otherwise stated. No exhibit will be removed without the permission of the Secretary.

8. Exhibitors must apply to the Secretary’s table for cards that are to be placed in front of their exhibits with the exhibitor’s name facing downwards. Exhibitors are allowed to place their names on their own vases for identification purposes, after judging has taken place.

9. Staging times for the shows will be as follows:-
Bank Holiday Show:6pm to 9pm Sunday 27th and 8am to 9am Monday 28th August 2017
Early Show:6pm to 10pm Friday 8th and 7am to 10am  9th September 2017
Late Show: 6pm to 10pm Friday 10th and 7am to 10am 11th November 2017
At the end of the staging time all exhibitors must leave the hall

10. Vases will be provided for the late show championship class only to exhibitors from outside the area.

11. Trophies will only be awarded to those exhibits awarded a first prize

12. The Show Secretary has the power to reject any exhibit considered by him to be unworthy.

13. To exhibit in the Members classes you must be a member of the Darlington C&D Society
Member please note: Subscriptions must be paid by 1st September

14. Judging will be conducted under N.C.S and N.D.S current codes of rules, unless stated otherwise.

15. Two or more members being husband and wife, son or daughter, may exhibit providing they do not exhibit in the same class. Blooms for exhibition must be the property of the exhibitor and must have been solely grown by the exhibitor for not less than three months prior to the show. (Basket and Bowls excluded)

16. No vasing of blooms will be allowed in the exhibition hall.

17. The following points system will operate 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Giant, Large Dahlias and Japs per bloom  12 8 4 2
All other flowers per bloom   6 4 2 1
Sprays per stem     6 4 2 1
Basket and Bowl    3 2

18. October flowering chrysanthemums may be exhibited at all shows

19. All trophies to be handed to the Show Manager on the eve or the morning of the relevant show

Exhibitors are advised to ensure that their exhibits strictly comply with the schedule before judging takes place.

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