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First Potting


Plants can be grown on in a number of ways :-
Individual pots usually 3”- 3 ½” plastic or clay but remember to soak clay pots before using to stop the dry pot absorbing water from the compost
Cell tray 4-6 cells
Standard seed tray which will take 6-8 plants


Carefully remove the cuttings from the rooting trays and select the ones with the best root system for potting on. Put some compost into your pot, place the cutting onto it, fill the pot and gently firm the compost around the cutting to hold it upright. A light watering will compact the compost around the root system. Future watering should be done sparingly_as a compost on the dry side will encourage the roots to grow and fill the pot.


Plants will need moving on usually after 4-6 weeks or when the roots have filled the container they are in, use the same mix as before but double the amount of fertilizer, the Vitax,  to 8 ozs


Around the middle of May is the time to move your plants to their final growing place either in pots,_usually for the late flowering types, or in the ground for the early flowering varieties.__Mix your compost two to three weeks prior to this using the same mix as before but increase the_fertilizer content to 12 ozs per bushel this will allow the ingredients time to start working and be available for your plants to take up when they are potted into it. Keep the compost on the dry side_in readiness for the final pot.__Your land should have been rough dug over winter / spring and will need a top dressing in preparation for planting out. There are a range of fertilizers available but the serious exhibitor will_probably go for a soil test which will indicate any inbalance and advise what to do to get the optimum conditions for the growing season.


This is a long job so prepare an area for working in with everything at hand and make it an _enjoyable time of the growing year._Give your plants a good soak before knocking them out of their pots so as not to damage _the root system. Place enough compost into the pot to position the root ball with enough room above to allow for two or three top dressings of fresh compost over the growing period

Work in a controlled and methodical manner and leave room to attend to the plants while they get established in the pots before positioning themin their final resting place on the standing ground.
Canes can be added and fastened to wires later.

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