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Winter Care


Taking care of your DAHLIAS over winter

Now that the frosts have arrived in the North and South of the UK, it is time to be lifting your Dahlias and storing them over winter.

In this section we will be showing how to do this in easy steps

Chop off the stems leaving about 6" of stem

Your Dahlia should now look like this

Insert a spade about one foot away from the tuber and dig down, do this to each side of the tuber. The advantage of using a spade is that if you slice through the tuber it will heal over, whereas if you use a fork there is a danger that you will spike the tuber causing damage.

Your tuber out of the ground

Make sure you label the dahlia for future reference

Remove as much soil as you can and leave to dry out for a few days, remove any soil remaining

Cut of all the fine roots

Long roots removed

Secure your dahlia and with a fine hacksaw or cutters, remove the top of the dahlia to expose the core

With a drill or sharp object remove the centre of the core and remove the fiborous tissue insaide the stem.

You need to do this to allow any moisture inside the stem to day out otherwise the dahlia may rot.

When the dahlia stem is dried out it should have a white covering, if at any time you see mould on the dahlia wipe with mentholated spirits to remove the mould

The dahlia then needs to be put on a bench upsidedown to allow any moisture to drain out.

Your finished tuber, labeled and stored for the winter.

Keep dry and frost free

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