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What is the common name of these plants and trees?
1 Kniphofia
2 Aesculus hippocastanum
3 Buxus sempervirens
4 Hyacinthoides non-scripta
5 Hedera helix
6 Helleborus niger
7 Acer rubrum
8 Buphthalmum salicifolium
9 Spartium junceum
10 Salix babylonica
Find the horticultural theme that links the answers
11 Title connoting seniority used at universities and in the Mafia.
12 American fashion designer born in the Bronx in 1942, who made his name with jeans before branching out into watches, perfume and jewellery.
13 Derived from the medieval name “Gawain”, this word links a Welsh rugby player with the lead singer of the rock band Bush.
14 Published in January 1845, this poem about a sinister visitation made Edgar Allen Poe an overnight sensation.
15 Fast-flying migratory bird of family Apodidae, from the Latin meaning “without feet”.
16 This word connects first American Secretary of the Treasury with the capital of Bermuda.
17 One of the earliest English duchies, this was also the name of a Second World War bomber.
18 This connects a former Liverpool and England footballer with a famous wallpaper and fabrics company.
19 Oxfordshire town dating from the Anglo-Saxon era. A river of the same name is a major tributary to the Thames.
20 What is the link?
Complete the missing word from these songs
21 My eyes become large and, the light that you shine can be seen. Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a ---- on the grey
22 Why do you build me up, ----, baby just to let me down, mess me around
23 You got a reaction, you got a reaction, didn’t you? You took a white ----, you took a white ----, turned it blue
24 Need a little time to rest your mind, you know you should so I guess you might as well. What’s the story ----
25 ----, ----, every morning you greet me. Small and white. Clean and bright, you look happy to meet me
26 Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the ---- Catch the breeze and the winter chills
27 Are you going to Scarborough Fair? ----, ----, ---- and ----
28 ---- been handed down to us ---- is a flower that’s free
29 If there’s a bustle in your ----, don’t be alarmed now
30---- fields forever
31 What would a gardener do with a dibber or dibble?
32 A Kumquat is a small Japanese variety of what sort of fruit?
33 What is the largest and tallest tree in the world?
34 Where in the flowering plant does the male gamete form?
35 Which part of a flower becomes the fruit
36 What flower is named after the Botanist Dr Leonard Fuchs?
37 This spring favourite, beginning with the letter P, flowers in spring with herbaceous and tree types.
38 The Garden Museum (formerly the Museum of Garden History), site of the Tradescant family tomb, can be found adjacent to L****** Palace, the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
39 This curved grub with a brown head likes to chew on grass roots. What is it called?
40 The Prince of Wales is famous for a particular royal garden which he has created with imagination and passion over the last 38 years. Can you name it?
41 What is the name of the technique whereby potato tubers are exposed to light indoors prior to planting, to encourage early shoots to form?
42 Which of the following is botanically a vegetable? a. Tomato; b. Courgette; c. Aubergine; d. Rhubarb
43 Can you identify the missing six-letter word of the nuisance Powdery ****** from this description? A common problem of asters and chrysanthemums as well as various vegetables most prevalent in warm, dry weather.
44 What type of fruit are the following: calamondin, kabosu, kumquat, meyer and ugli fruit?
45 The botanical name given to a plant can help a gardener to understand its key attributes. If a plant has the descriptive word somnifera in its name, what effect would you expect it to have if eaten or smelled?

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