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Early Show 2019




Reults of the raffle:-137 / 591 / 215 / 495 / 521 / 104 / 641 / 139 / 092


The Gardeners Challenge Trophy

Mr G Parsons

The Dave Kilcran Trophy

Class 1

Mr G Parsons

Class 2

The W V Florentine Cup

Mr G Parsons

Class 8

The Stan Addison Memorial Cup

Mr J Howard

Class 9

The Jim Halliday Memorial Cup

Mr I Thompson

Class 10

The Lady Starmer Glass Tankard

Mr G Parsons

Class 12

The Maureen Watson Trophy

Mr J Lawson

The F Wade Cup

Best Chrysanthemums in show

Mr J Howard

The Patricia Jackson Memorial Trophy

Best vase of chrysanthemums in Members section

Mr B Stainsby

The N C S Silver Medal

Exhibit of Most Merit in chrysanthemums

Mr G Parsons

The N C S Bronze Medal

Second Best Sxhibit in Chrysanthemums

Mr B Stainsby

The N C Certificate of Merit

Best Exhibit in Members Scection

& Best Exhibit in class 13,15,15

Mr B Stainsby

The Winifred Hutton Cup

Class 25

Mr Ian Thonpson

The Sherwood Cup

Class 26

Mr Ian Kitching

The A,S.E Challenge Trophy

Class 34

Mr K Vincent

The Lady Starmer Glass Tankard

Class 47

Mr Ian Kitching

The H Wilson Memorial Cup

Class 55

Mr Ian Kitching

The Elm Ridge Gardens Trophy

Class 56

Mr Ian Kitching

The Mrs M Miller Trophy

Class 57

Mr Ian Kitching

The Northern Despatch Cup

Best vase of dahlias inshow

Mr Ian Kitching

The Alf Watson Memorial Cup

Best vase of dahlias in members section

Mr Ian Kitching

The J Chapman Pom Pom Trophy

Best vase of Poms in show

Mr K Vincent

The N D S Silver Medal

Best Exhibit of dahlias in show

Mr Ian Kitching

The N D S Bronze Medal

Second Best Exhibit of dahlias

Mr Ian Kitching

The A E Lawson Trophy -
Most points in novice dahlias- Mr D Armstrong

The A E Alsop Cup - Most points in novice chrysanthemums - Ms C Daniels

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