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Results Late Show 2019


November 9th 2019

LATE CHRYSANTHEMUM SHOW, Bondgate Methodist Church, Darlington

Raffle results:
414 / 482 / 458 / 655 / 129 / 641 / 457 / 619 / 544 / 711 / 475 / 621

The Mayors Trophy

Championship Class

Mr J Pearce

The Parvin Trophy - Best Vase in Show
N C S Silver Medal - Exhibit of Most Merit

Class 1

The Harry Porteus Trophy

Mr A Coatsworth

Class 2

The Lady Starmer Cup

Also Second Best Exhibit in Show

Mr R Brownbridge

Class 3

The F Hope Wilson Cup

Mr D Greaves

Class 5

The Northern Echo Trophy

Mr J R Grey

Class 12

The Lady Starmer Glass Tankard

Mr J R Grey

Class 13

The Bramwell Harbon Trophy

Mr J R Grey

Class 14

The F T Iddison Cup

Mr D Arbon

Class 16

The C Fawcett Memorial Cup

Mr J Brophy

Class 17

The F Hope Wilson Memorial Cup

Mr A Coatsworth

Class 22

The T T Coatsworth Trophy

Mr J Grey

Other trophies

The Frank Lawton Trophy for the Member gaing the most points

Mr J R Grey

Class 24

The Mona Alderson Memorial Trophy

Mr R Nelson

Class 25

The C W Marshall Cup

Mr J Craggs


The W H Green Trophy - Best Vase of Singles in Show
The Arthur Watson Trophy - Bast Vase in Members Section
The W Hartley Memorial Trophy - Best Exhibit in Members Section

Class 4

Mr D Greaves

Class 5

Mr J R Grey

Class 7

Mr J Craggs

Class 8

Mr J R Grey

Class 9

Mr J R Grey

Class 11

Mr J P Brophy

Class 15

Mr B Brownbridge

Class 18

Mr J P Brophy

Class 23

Mr V Thomas
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